Fellow information

Fellow information

11:12 - 20/03/2018


NamePosition/ OrganizationCountryTitleResearch themeContact of fellow 
Mr. Dong Xuan NghiaResearcher and lecture/ Water Resources University (WRU)VietnamResearch on application of hydraulic models 1D and 2D to assess water resources in Nam Dinh provinceManagement mechanismNghiadongxuan@gmail.com

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Mr. Nguyen Van HuyResearcher/NAWAPIVietnamAssessing the level of awareness, attitudes of rural population and institutions in the Red river basin regarding water resources issues for developing Community-Based Water Monitoring strategiesGender and Social JusticeHuy.hsph@gmail.com

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Mr. Phan Cao DuongResearcher/Hydraulic construction InstituteVietnamClimate change impacts on river flow regimes at the Nhue-Day River BasinManagement mechanismPcduong8088@gmail.com

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Ms. Trinh Thi Thu VanResearcher/Department of water resources managementVietnamResearch on perfecting the policy of monitoring wastewater discharge of industrial zones after licensing
Case study: the Red River delta
Healthy RiversTrinhthuvan46v@gmail.com

Mr. Tran Duc TrinhResearcher/Center for training and international cooperationVietnamAgent Based Modeling of Water Resources Allocation and Management in Red River Basin towards Hydro-economic Efficient and Environment ProtectionLaws, policies and institutionstranductrinh@gmail.com

Mobile: 0984904164
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Mr. Le Van ChinhResearcher/water resources directorate-MARDVietnamEvaluation of implementation and impact of existing water fee policy in the Red River Basin, VietnamLaws, policies and institutionslvchinh@wrd.gov.vn

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Mr. Nguyen Duc VietResearcher/ water resources directorate-MARDVietnamStudy to perfecting the governance in water management and service provision for the agricultural production towards efficiency and sustainabilityOrganizational managementnguyenducvietbnn@gmail.com

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Ms. Pham Phuong ThaoResearcher/Institute for water and environmentVietnamStudy on an integrated solution to increase on-farm water use efficiency in response to water scarcity and drought in Red River basinGender and Social JusticePhuongthaopt172@gmail.com

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Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong LamResearcher/Institute for environmental scientificVietnamLocal knowledge among fishing communities on water resources management in Red River Delta in the context of climate change – case study in Nam Dinh province, VietnamGender and Social JusticeLamnh261@gmail.com

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Ms. Le Thi Hong NhungResearcher/Center for training and international cooperation.VietnamImproving the role of women in agricultural water management – A case study at community level in the Red River Basin, VietnamGender and social justicehongnhungvkhtl@gmail.com

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Mr. Nguyen Xuan LamResearcher/ Institute for water and environmentVietnamStudy to propose the institution of the water management for drought control in the Red River DeltaLaws, policies and institutionsNguyenxuanlamiwe@gmail.com

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Mr. Vu Hai NamResearcher/ Center for training and international cooperation.VietnamResearch and proposal on the Irrigation Management Modernization Framework in Red River Delta, VietnamOrganizational managementnamvhicd@gmail.comVU HAI NAM.JPG